Traditional, formal services

Holy Communion

Holy Communion is sometimes called the Eucharist or ‘breaking of bread’.

It is how the church commemorates the ‘Lord’s supper’ – the last meal Jesus had with his disciples before he was crucified.

During the service, everyone who has been confirmed is invited to take communion, which is the bread and wine after the vicar or priest has consecrated it (dedicated it as being sacred or holy).

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Traditional Morning Prayer or Matins

Matins or Morning Prayer is a traditional, formal service with verses of praise to God that are usually sung (if there is a choir).

It is a time of praise and devotion to God at the start of the day, using a form of worship that has been in place for 400 years.

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Evensong (or Evening prayer)

Evening Prayer or Evensong is similar to Morning Prayer (or Matins) as a traditional service of praise to God, but with verses and prayers that relate to the end of the day.

It is usually known as Evensong if there is a choir and the verses are sung, and Evening Prayer if the verses are spoken.

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Lent services

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Easter services

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Christmas services

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