Baptism and confirmation

Baptism and confirmation are two of the most important traditions in the Christian church.

Baptism (Christening)

Holy baptism, also called Christening, is the service in which someone is welcomed into the Church of England and the world-wide Christian family.

Baptism can be for adults and children.

Adult baptism
For an adult who has not been confirmed as a member of the Church of England, baptism usually happens as part of their confirmation. See below for more information about confirmation.

Child baptism
Child baptism is a way for parents to thank God for the gift of life, and to ask for the Church’s and the Godparents’ support as they help their child learn to trust in God.

The parents choose family members or friends who’ve been baptised to be their child’s Godparents. Together they share responsibility for the child’s spiritual life, and in the baptism service each make promises to pray for and help the child grow in the Christian faith.

Preparing for a child’s baptism
If you are a parent wanting to baptise your child, we would like you to attend a baptism preparation session first. Click here for more information.



In confirmation, you confirm as an adult the promises made in your baptism (by your parents or Godparents if you were a child) and that you are now committed to the journey of faith in Jesus Christ.

In doing this, you commit yourself to the local and world-wide Christian family, acknowledging that you need to turn away from selfishness and evil, and that you accept God’s offer of love and a new start in life.

The Church also makes a promise to you, that it will support you and pray for you as you begin your new life of faith.

More information

You can find read more about baptism and confirmation on the Church of England website.