Photos at the Fair and Show

We usually ask one of our organisers to take photos at the Fair and Show, some of which will include crowd scenes where people are enjoying the day’s events, stalls and produce.

These photos are for our use only to promote the Fair and Show on the church website, parish magazine and in the local press.

We aim to respect everyone’s privacy about the use of photography and publishing of images, and will ask our photographer (who you may see wearing a sash) to keep to the following guidelines about consent.

Your consent

We will not take photos of any individual without their written or verbal consent, but you may be photographed as part of the crowd on the day.

If you would prefer not to appear in a photo, please tell our photographer and try to move to one side if a photo is being taken.

If you think our photographer has taken your photo without your consent, please tell one of the organisers at the Control Point at the Fair and Show.

We will make sure your image is not included in any photos that we use or keep.

Changing your mind about consent

If we have used your image on the church website, in the parish magazine or in the local press and you later change your mind about giving consent, please contact us straight away.

You can do this by:

  • email using the contact form or
  • phoning the Fair and Show organisers on 01527 871132.

We will do our best to delete any record we have of your image and will not use it again.