The Tardebigge Relief in Need and Sickness Charities

The Tardebigge Relief in Need and Sickness Charities are two consolidated charitable trusts that make grants to local groups or individuals:

  • for the relief of poverty
  • to assist someone in difficulty due to age, disability, ill-health or infirmity.

Grant applications are welcomed from groups, organisations, or individuals (of any age), operating or living within the areas covered by the trust.

The trustees, who are local community leaders, meet three times a year to consider applications.

About the charities

The charities are registered with the Charity Commission:

  • Tardebigge Relief in Need Charity has registration number 1076893
  • Tardebigge Relief in Sickness Charity registration number 1076892.

For more information about the Charity Commission, click on the following link to the UK government website: (the link opens in a new window).

The areas covered by the trusts

The charitable trusts cover areas within the parish of Tardebigge as it was at the date of the original trust deeds (which is different to the current parish of Tardebigge).

This includes:

  • Cobley Hill
  • Tutnall
  • Broad Green
  • Hewell Grange
  • Tardebigge
  • Banks Green
  • Lower Bentley
  • Upper Bentley
  • Brockhill
  • Batchley and
  • Webheath.

What a grant can be used for

Grants are given for activities or initiatives that offer ongoing or emergency practical assistance for preventing or relieving poverty.

They can be used, for example, to;

  • help parents pay for school trips for their children
  • buy new play equipment for a school in a poor area
  • provide aids and equipment for anyone whose poor health reduces their quality of life
  • support a group that provides debt or addiction counselling.

How to apply for a grant

Applications from groups or individuals are welcomed as long as the benefit goes to a person or organisation in one or more of the areas covered by the trusts.

For further details about the two charities and to make an application, please contact Team Rector Rev Richard Clark by

  • phone on 01527 543967 or 07970 823462, or
  • email to