Traditional Morning Prayer or Matins

Matins or Morning Prayer is a devotional service, with verses of praise to God that are sung if there is a choir.

The service follows the traditional patterns of worship from either the Book of Common Prayer (BCP) or books of Common Worship (CW).

These include:

  • the ‘Venite’ – from the Latin word at the start of the first line, sung in English as: ‘O come let us sing unto the Lord’
  • the ‘Te deum’ – ‘We praise thee, O God’
  • the ‘Jubilate’ – ‘O be joyful in the Lord’
  • a psalm, a short sermon, hymns and prayers.

The service lasts about an hour.

When is it on?

Traditional Morning Prayer or Matins is usually on the 1st, 4th and – if there is one – 5th Sunday of every month

It usually starts at 11.00 am at St Bartholomew’s, but this can change

Check the Calendar for more details