What is Sunday Funday?

Sunday Funday is a fun and informal way for children to learn about God.

It’s also a chance for parents to spend valuable time with their children and meet other families who live in the area.

Who is it for?

Sunday Funday is for children of all ages, and their parents or other family members. Some of the families and children who come to Sunday Funday are from the Tardebigge parish area, or are involved with Tardebigge First School.

But you’re still welcome to come along even if you live a little further away. Please contact us if you’re not sure – our contact details are below.

What happens in Sunday Funday?

Each Sunday Funday is different, depending on who’s leading it. But the main thing is – it’s fun and friendly and as inspiring and creative as you’d like it to be!

If you come along, you could be:

  • playing music and singing
  • taking part in drama or ‘role-play’
  • getting your hands nice and messy doing arts and crafts or
  • listening in during story time and asking questions afterwards.

There’s a topic or ‘theme’ for each Sunday Funday session, which is a way to help children (and usually us adults too!) to talk about and understand things they might have read or heard about in the Bible. This might be, for example, what the Bible tells us about everyday life, how we can learn to trust God better, or how to see ourselves – and other people – in the same kind and loving way that God does.

We keep it simple, make it as useful as we can for children of all ages, and give everyone who takes part something valuable to take home with them.

When is it on and where?

Sunday Funday is on the 3rd Sunday of every month during the school term (we don’t meet during the school holidays).

It starts at 11.00am and finishes about 12.00 midday.

We meet in the church to begin with, for a blessing said by the vicar or whoever is leading the 11.00am service.

We then go over to the church hall, which is on the left as you come up the drive to St Bartholomew’s church.

(Click here for directions to St Bartholomew’s.)

How can I find out more?

If you’d like to find out more before coming along, please contact Kay Middleton

  • by phone on 07867 492 938, or
  • by email: km@northbromsgrove.worcs.sch.uk.

We’re also keen to hear from parents who’d like to help us set up before and clear away after Sunday Funday.

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